A Jack-in-the-box sequel

I’ve been diligently working on Bound by Wyvern’s Blood, but while writing the dialogue for a secondary character, I realized that I liked her quite a bit. And suddenly a sequel was born, with even a matching title (Wrapped in Wyvern’s Skin).

Now I’m writing them simultaneously, although the events in the stories occur in sequence (so one is set after the other). And I’m doing my best to make them both standalone, yet enriched by reading the other. And an idea for a third book is tickling my brain…

(Writers can be just like cats chasing after laser pointers.)

I recently picked up an anthology of erotic fantasy, and I’m trying to figure out whether to review it here or not. On one hand, it was fabulous to find an entire collection of stories that match two of the three genres I love. (Too often “fantasy” includes urban fantasy or paranormal elements in the modern world, rather than secondary-world fantasy.) On the other hand, not all of the stories include a romantic element. Perhaps if I describe how each story falls on that dimension?